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The CRCLR Lab is a 2.000 m2 space in the heart of Berlin Neukölln. It hosts a broad and diverse community of creatives and industry inviting them to collaborate in building sustainable solutions for healthy communities and a healthy planet. There are regular cross-disciplinary events and discussions hosted in the CRCLR Lab.

The Lab includes office space for a circular incubation program, urban farming concepts, waste free CRCLR apartments (under construction), different industry clusters (textile, logistics, etc.), educational workshops and other programs to deepen the knowhow and solutions in various fields for the CRCLR network.

CRCLR is a space for exchanging ideas, deepening knowledge and collaborating around sustainable solutions for a healthy future. Currently, the group runs a prototype version of the CRCLR Lab while preparing & constructing further parts.

Projekt bei Agora Collective
Mittelweg 50 Berlin
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